📓 Introducing Top Affiliate Income Programs

I have selected the best affiliate programs for beginners without a website to make money. The selection was based on regular payments,stability, and site popularity.

Affiliate income involves digital affiliate marketing.I also introduced here some powerful marketing tools such as traffic exchanges,solo email & co-ops traffic.
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💰 The ways affiliates get paid

1. Pay-per-sale, where you earn a commission(affiliate income) for each sale you make. It is a common payout model for e-commerce offers.
2. Pay-per-action, which earns you a commission(affiliate income) for a specific action. Many affiliate programs use this payout model because it is broad and can be applied to different offers: a newsletter signup,click,a contact request, a form submission, etc.
3. Pay-per-install, where you are paid(affiliate income) for every install generated from your website traffic. The goal of your content would be to promote mobile apps and software so that people download or install them.
4. Pay-per-lead, which pays you every time someone signs up for something. It is a popular payout method because companies use it for sweepstakes, lead generation, and other types of offers. Cost-per-lead offers are common for beginners because it is easier to generate leads than to sell products to an audience.
5. Pay-per-click, a rare payout system where you earn commission(affiliate income) on every click on your affiliate link. A pay-per-click affiliate program may be used by big merchants with the goal of building brand awareness. Customers do not need to sign up or buy anything,just to visit the merchant’s website.It is one of the easier ways to make money.

♣ I am mainly focused here on pay-per-sale or an account upgradation (if one of the referrals upgrades his or her account,you will be paid), and it is very good for beginners for extra passive affiliate income.Just become an affiliate of my paying sites listed below.
Instructions ::Become an affiliate-Join each program and use the affiliate marketing programs listed below.Copy the referral links.Use the referral links on the traffic exchangers,co-ops and solo email programs.You may need a little bit of investment in the affiliate market to upgrade memberships for quick affiliate income.♣

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